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Books about Harvey:

Jonathan Harvey: Song Offerings and White as Jasmine
Michael Downes (Ashgate, 2009)

Jonathan Harvey's Bhakti for Chamber Ensemble and Electronics
John Palmer (Edwin Mellen Press, 2001)

Jonathan Harvey
Arnold Whittall (Faber and Faber 1999)
Also a french translation of the above (L'Harmattan, IRCAM- Centre Pompidou 2000)

Books by Harvey:

The Music of Stockhausen
Faber/California Univ. Press, 1975

In Quest of Spirit: The Musical Thought of Jonathan Harvey
Universisty of California Press 1999

Music and Inspiration (edited by Michael Downes)
Faber and Faber, 1999

Circles of Silence: Musings and Reflections on Wagner Dream (with Jean-Claude Carriere)
The Cahier Series, Sylph Editions, 2007.

Chapters Contributed to Books:

'IRCAM' in Pierre Boulez; A Symposium, ed. William Glock (Eulenburg 1986)

'The Mirror of Ambiguity' in The Language of Electro-Acoustic Music, ed. Simon Emmerson (Macmillan 1987). Translated in Le Timbre, metaphore pour la composition, ed. Christian Bourgeois, IRCAM 1991

'Music, Ambiguity, Buddhism: A Composer's Perspective' in Contemporary Music, ed.Max Paddison and Irene Deliege (Ashgate 2010), pp.279-304.

Selected Articles (by Harvey):

March 2010, new article
"Spiritual Music: 'positive' negative theology?"
English language: open/download pdf
Japanese language: open/download pdf

'Heart to Heart' - Pespectives of New Music Vol.11, no.2, 1973

'Schoenberg:Man or Woman?' - Music and Letters Vol. 56, 1975

'Atonality' - The Musical Times, Nov. 1990

'Reflection After Composing' - Tempo 1981

'New Directions: A Manifesto' - Soundings, no. 11, Winter1993-4. Re-printed in 'Companionto Contemporary Musical Thought' Vol. 1ed. John Paynter et al. Page 736; Routledge 1992

'Notes on the Realisation of Bhakti' with Dennis Lorrain, Jean-Baptiste Barrierre and Stanley Haynes, - Contemporary Music Review, Vol. 1, part 1, 1984

'Electronics in Music: A New Aesthetic?' - Composer 1985

'Identity and Ambiguity: The Construction and Use of Timbral Transitions and Hybrids' (with Jan Vandenheede) - in proceedings of the ICMC Vancouver 1985 (San Francisco Computer Music Association 1985)

'Madonna of Winter and Spring' - The Musical Times, August 1986

'Coherence - How Desirable? (on the the Second String Quartet)' ; Proceedings of the First European Congress of Music Analysis, sponsored by Société Française d'Analyse Musicale, p. 151-153 - Révue Analyse Musicale, July 1991, Paris.

'An Approach to Church Music' (Hussey memorial lecture, Oxford University) - Musical Times, January 1990

'Respect for the New' - The Musical Times, December 1991

'Sounding Out the Inner Self' (editorial title) - The Musical Times, December 1992

'Introduction to Brian Ferneyhough: Collected Writings' - Contemporary Music Studies, Vol 10, Harwood 1997

'The Metaphysics of Live Electronic Music' - Contemporary Music Review, Vol 18 part 3

'Spectralism' - Contemporary Music Review (forthcoming)

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